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  • Authorized Distributor
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    A Kohler distributor will help you find the closet Kohler dealer for your sales, service and installation.

    Power Pro
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    Power Pro dealerships provide superior service to Kohler generator customers. They are fully trained at Kohler's factory on installation, service, troubleshooting and warranty work. They continue their training through the regional Kohler Distributor for new product and service updates. And they maintain an adequate supply of products to provide you what you need and when you need it.

    1 mi.

    Phone: 847-869-0606

    Distributor: Sales, Warranty

    2121 Ashland Avenue
    Evanston, IL 60201

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    Small Business

    Complete line of generator sales up to 150 kW. Covers all homes and small businesses.


    Home generator sales up to 20 kW. Ideal for most homes and a few smaller-size businesses.


    Qualified turnkey installation, maintenance and service provider.

    Service Plus

    Qualified turnkey installation, maintenance and service provider. Also qualified to install all KOHLER generators, regardless of place of purchase (e.g. online or retail store).

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