Load Control Module (LCM), w/ Terminal Block

Load Control Module | GM77177-KP2-QS

Starting at $600.00 MSRP*
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*Starting price in US dollars. Does not include generator, installation, automatic transfer switch or costs to export outside the US.


Even if you purchase a smaller generator, you can prioritize what you power with a Load Control Module (LCM). During a power outage, your entire house is connected to generator power, but the LCM cycles some circuits on and off to prevent overloading.

  • Helps your generator balance high electrical loads


  • Manages up to six residential loads: two power relays for two independent air conditioner loads, and four relays for non-essential secondary loads.
  • User-friendly LED indicator displays loads powered and loads shed.
  • Compatible with 14/20RESA/RESAL, 24/38/48/60RCL, 8/10/12RESV generator models.
  • Multiple patent-pending innovations.

Certifications/Listings NEC 2008
Weight 17 lbs.
Dimensions 486 mm x 391 mm x 135 mm (18.4 in. x 15.4 in x. 5.3 in.)